Rules · Tournament

1. USBC Rules in effect as of the date of competition will govern any tournaments which SSJBA Tour conducts this season.  Dress code of slacks/skirts/skorts/shorts (subject to USBC length guidelines) and a collared shirt will be observed (temporary waivers at first event may be allowed by Tournament Director).  No denim, regardless of color.  Rule 17d Youth Conduct will be observed. Infractions of rules may disqualify the entrant from continuing in competition. (see more detail in rule 11 below)
2. USBC Rule 400 (Youth Membership Eligibility Rule) will be observed.  You must not have attained your 20th birthday at August 1, 2018 to participate.  You must apply any more restrictive eligibility requirements if you participate in activity recognized by your State High School Athletic Association.  You must not participate in any activity awarding cash or bonds, unless bowler has accepted awards as Scholarship OR properly executed the USBC Singles Competition Prize Waiver. The buying or selling of any earned awards is prohibited. Bowlers not otherwise disqualified by rule 400 and possess a current Special Olympics card, may participate in SSJBA under an age waiver as permitted by USBC rules. 
3. Participants must be current USBC Standard Youth members (includes appropriate High School certifications).  Bowlers must join SSJBA (the Association) and will be required to pay a $20.00 annual membership fee prior to participation in any SSJBA Tour event.  SSJBA may provide personal achievement awards within the restrictions of the appropriate State High School Associations regulations and USBC Rule 400.
4. Tournaments are scratch with three divisions.  Masters division is open to all qualified bowlers.  Classic division is open to bowlers with SSJBA tournament averages less than 175**.  Minors division is open to bowlers with SSJBA tournament averages less than 155**.  The appropriate average will determine initial division placement.   Anyone without an appropriate, verifiable average will be placed in Masters division for competition. 
5. Past members will be classified prior to any 2018-2019 season competitions.  Bowlers may not move to lower division than they previously competed in. 
6. Past eligible SSJBA average, verified USBC Youth average or High School competition average (each of 12+ games) will suffice for entering average.  Bowlers without an eligible SSJBA average may classify using their highest 2017-2018 certified league average of 12 or more games, unless their initial competition entry date is preceded by a current season average based on 12+ games.  An eligible SSJBA average is one from the previous season with 17 or more games.  Anyone using their current season average with at least 12 games bowled prior to entry into competition (by closing date of entry) must VERIFY AVERAGE (standing sheet or appropriate official).  If a bowler misreports an average, the division reclassification can be made before the 8th qualifying game results are posted.  After that, clarifications of the current division can be made up to the start of Match Play position round where the bowler’s wins will be reversed and the bowler will finish in the final qualifying position.
7. Classic division bowlers will advance to the Masters division, if they have met the following requirements: SSJBA Tour average of 175 and a Championship, including a Super Bowl Championship OR an average of 175 maintained for three competitions in which bowler participated. 
8. Minors division bowlers will advance to the Classic division, if they have met the following requirements: SSJBATour average of 155 and a Championship, including a Super Bowl Championship OR an SSJBATour average of 155 maintained for three competitions in which bowler participated. 
9. Tenth Tournament Rule: In any SSJBATour season, following completion of competition in tenth tournament, any bowler who has competed in at least six tournaments in that season and meets current requirement for advancement to next higher division may exercise option set by this rule.  The bowler may elect to remain in division they are currently competing in until end of the season but they will not be permitted to compete in any subsequent season at average level lower than they have attained at the time they meet the advancement requirement.
10. QUALIFYING ROUND: All bowlers will bowl one 8 game block on Saturday, the start of competition is also the closing point for entries.  Semi-finals will include the top bowlers of each division, with……  8 or less advancing 4; 9 to 12 advancing 6; 13 to 16 advancing 8; 17 to 20 advancing 10; 21 and more advancing 12.  If a division has more than 31 entries, at the end of 8 game qualifying round, the top 8 will qualify and the next 8 will bowl additional 4 game block to determine other four competitors who will advance to Sunday match play.
11. Jr Gold Qualifying.  We will offer the option of Jr Gold qualifying at every tournament.  We require a minimum of 5 participants and we will advance at a 5:1 ratio with the major fraction thereof rule in place.  Fees are based on the qualifying division(s) which is not necessarily the same at the entrant’s division. U20-$40, U15-$30, and U12-$20.  At a minimum, U20 advancement will be conducted.  Other divisions will be utilized dependent on participants.  The participants’ standings will be posted separately from the SSJBA tournament standings, since we do not utilize the same division practices as Jr Gold.  Jr Gold competition concludes after the 8 games of SSJBA qualifying on Saturday.
12. SEMI-FINALS:    Semi-finalists will bowl Sunday (check-in 8:30am, practice 8:55am) alternates are entered no later than 8:55 and match play begins at 9:00 am.  Semi-finalists will compete once against each other semi-finalist and a position round.  8 game qualifying pin count will carry over from Saturday.  Thirty bonus points will be awarded for each match win with fifteen points awarded for a tie.  The number of match games bowled will equal the number of semi-finalists in each division.  The field will then be cut for the finals with, 2 of 4, 3 of 6, 4 of 8, & 5 of 10 or 12 advancing.
13. FINALS:   The final competition will be a step ladder type roll off (5v4, 4v3, 3v2, 2v1) to determine tournament champion and other final positions, in each division. Championship matches will be on fresh oil when possible.
14. ENTRY FEES: Entry fees are $60.00 for each tournament.  Fee breakdown is: $25.00 lineage, $21.00 event scholarship, $10.00 Super Bowl funds and $4.00 expenses.   Primary expenses will be plaques, trophies, and additional scholarships. SCHOLARSHIP FEES RETURNED 100%.
15. Scholarships: All second day qualifiers will receive a minimum of $10 in scholarships.  When there are 14 or fewer entries in a division – two scholarships of $100 and $50 will be funded for award to fully qualifying champion and second place competitors in the division.  When there are 15-19 entries in a division – three scholarships of $125, $75 and $25 will be funded for award to fully qualifying champion, second place and third place competitors in the division.  When there are 20-24 entries in a division – four scholarships of $150, $100, $50 and $25 will be funded for award to fully qualifying champion, second place, third place and fourth place competitors in the division.  When there are 25-29 entries in a division – four scholarships of $175, $125, $75, $50, and $25 will be funded for award to fully qualifying champion, second place, third place, fourth place and fifth place competitors in the division.  Other donated scholarship funds may be used to supplement these award levels.
16. TIES:  In case of a tie, for any position which determines if a bowler continues in competition, a ninth and tenth frame roll-off will be used to break the tie.
17. PROPER ATTIRE will be required: NO head gear not specifically permitted by SSJBA youth dress code is allowed.  For ALL competitions, code of slacks/skirts/skorts/shorts and a shirt with collar will be required.  An exception may be granted if a mock collar shirt with name affixed on back is substituted for a collared shirt.  Bowlers not complying with this rule may be required to change their attire or they may not be permitted to bowl.  On Saturday, if bowler has not bowled in SSJBATour competition before, they may be granted an exception.  ALL Bowler Dress must comply for Sunday competition, and any bowler not in compliance on Sunday may be replaced with an alternate.  Director may allow USBC jerseys and other Bowling related jerseys in Saturday competitions. The Director has final say on appropriateness of the bowlers’ attire.
18. Only entrants or tournament officials are permitted in the bowling area once competition begins.  Coaching is allowed outside of the bowling area only.
19. The tournament directors will decide any and all disputes, complaints or protests and will enforce the rules and spirit of SSJBA youth division standards.  Director’s decision shall be final.
20. The competitions held on the SSJBATour may be modified for low division participation or for safety concerns.  This may include an elimination or redistribution of divisions.  It also may include a one-day format.  The one-day format will be 6 games of qualifying, reoil with day two’s pattern, followed by a maximum 6 games of match play (first 6 on the rotation), then a step ladder commensurate to the field size.  This is not a convenience format it is for anticipated severe weather or other condition on day two. 
21. Super Bowl field shall be no more than 60 competitors (24 in Top draft, 20 in Second draft and 16 in Third draft) selected in proportion to the level of participation in each division. The ratio of competitors to participation levels will approximate a 6:100 minimum (i.e. 600 entries will support a field of at least 36).
22. SSJBA expects a certain level of sportsmanship and courtesy from its bowlers and parents.  Do not abuse equipment.  Bringing in outside food or drink is never permitted by any establishment.  Doing so, presents a negative appreciation towards the bowling centers that have agreed to make concessions for our special demands and at a less than advertised rate.  Please be considerate.
23. All bowling balls are subject to inspection before, during, and post competition.  Any offense will be addressed immediately and actions will be determined in the spirit of fair competition up to disqualifications, scholarship surrender, and participation bans. Modifications of ball surfaces may be made up to the first ball delivered in competition (scoring).

** SSJBA is 100% Sport Shot events so averages are specified as sport adjusted averages.  The Standard average refers to “entering” average only.