SSJBA is a membership association of Junior bowlers (USBC sanctioned) from across the South. Current members represent the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee. We do have a few second generation SSJBA bowlers participating as well. 

The association sponsors a sixteen-stop tournament schedule, which culminates in an invitational event known as Super Bowl. Due to the distances covered by the Association, stops are set up in each of two regions known as the North and South but the regions are no longer given separate points.

The Season opener is held at Bama Lanes in Montgomery, AL due to its long-term support of SSJBA and its geographical centrality. We compete on the second and fourth Saturday (plus the next day) each month except December and May. Tournament format is an 8 game block on Saturday with 4 to 12 bowlers continuing in Sunday match play, as determined by the size of the original field. Sunday the qualifiers meet each opponent in match play with 30-point bonus system for wins. 10 qualifiers means ten matches in Sunday play, etc. Following match play there is a step ladder final to determine the winner.

ALL SSJBA EVENTS ARE SCRATCH – the purpose of SSJBA is to provide members with an opportunity to compete head to head with the best youth bowlers in the region. Many look forward to the events as an excellent opportunity to test and develop their skills in a highly competitive but very supportive atmosphere. The entire season leads to the greatest goal, which is to get an invite to Super Bowl held at Brunswick Zone in Montgomery, AL the second weekend of June. Over $10,000 estimated in scholarships.

SSJBA tries to help bowlers of varying skill levels by maintaining three divisions in each competition. The first level which usually is the entry level for competitors is the under 155 Sport average group known as MINORS. The second level is for 155 but less than 175 Sport averages known as CLASSIC. The final level is 175 and above and is known as MASTERS. There are no classifications by either age or gender.

Please visit the rest of the Website and you will find full rules, bylaws, schedules, results, point system and the most current point standings used to determine Super Bowl participation. Thank you for visiting and come bowl with us, you will not only improve your game but meet some outstanding bowlers and start some great lifetime friendships. MAKE BOWLING YOUR SPORT.