Latest Updates: 12/31/2023

Files updated.


    Congratulations to our Don Dupree Sr Challenge winners!  They earned a takehome trophy, $300 scholarship, and a photo with our lovelt model Greg Dupree.


TJ Yarnell


Seth Wilson

Ava Rhodes


  • Tournament fee is $80
    • $25 - Lineage
    • $20 - Scholarship
    • $27 - Jr Gold 1:7
    • $5   - Super Bowl Fund
    • $3   - Admin


  • Our 44th season!!!
  • SSJBA is once again adapting.  We are going to see many changes  starting in the new season.
  • For now, we will move to 9 reglar season tournaments and a Super Bowl.
  • The season will start September 9th in Montgomery, Alabama and be on the second Saturday of the month.
  • We will become an automatic Junior Gold qualifier which means it is no longer an optional event. It also means our entry cost is increasing.
  • Stay tuned for more exciting changes!
  • A must read, The Creation of SSBA can be found under the About folder.
  • I hope to get some insight from other bowlers and directors on our history.  
  • REMINDER: The best way to contact me (Ed Bakle) is call or text (850) 582-4877.  Email edbakle@outlook.com is good but Facebook messanger for some reason, is a challenge and should be avoided.


We thank everyone for their support and particpation!


SSJBA has been utilizing the USBC SMART program since 2016 and has contributed to more than $127,000 in scholarships!  


Did you know?  SSJBA has changed formats several times but the progam started in Arkansas more that 40 years ago.