Latest Updates:


  • Our season has ended.  I am working on final scholarship distributions.  Each division will be paid separately but all will use a 1:4 ration based on participants.  Normally all excess funds would be added to the Super Bowl funds but that is not possible since we will not be having that tournament.
  • I have ordered the Division Champion trophies so as soon as I get that bill, I will be able to finalize the payout schedule.


  • I have started on next year's schedule but contact is challenging and there is resistance to book due to the distancing uncertainty.  We will plan tournaments on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays as we did this season.  


  • REMINDER: The best way to contact me (Ed Bakle) is call or text (850) 582-4877.  Email edbakle@hotmail.com is good but Facebook messanger for some reason, is a challenge and should be avoided.


  • Sponsors:
  • We are again blessed with a $5,000 anonymous donation to be used to augment the operations of SSJBA which means more scholarships!
  • CnC Mobile Repair has decided to sponsor all 3 division champions' scholarships of $150 each.
  • Watch this space for a new sponsor coming soon!

We thank everyone for thier support and particpation!