Latest Updates: 9/9/2022


  • The schedule has been updated with a one left to confirm.  Thank you Taffany Shipp for ram-rodding this effort.  You are a Rock Star!!
  • Our Stops are favoring the southern end of our area due to participation and center availablitity.  There is room to add Stop 16 in May if a center is interested.
  • We are getting extra fund donations for specific tournaments which means there are going to be some excellent scholarship funds this season. Note * in confirmed column of schedule to indicate this.


  • New Format: 5 games qualifying. No new oil.  Top 5 play in Step-Ladder format.  This should shorten our day length but still give an opportunity to play head-to-head.


  • Note Super Bowl eligibility change!
  • Super Bowl has always been an invitational tournament and it still is with a slight modification.  Now, any bowler participation in 6 or more SSJBA tournaments, will be eligible to compete in the Super Bowl.


  • Start times. To avoid confusion, our standard start check in and bowl times will be 12/1 on Saturday.  Except Super Bowl.


  • REMINDER: The best way to contact me (Ed Bakle) is call or text (850) 582-4877.  Email edbakle@outlook.com is good but Facebook messanger for some reason, is a challenge and should be avoided.


We thank everyone for their support and particpation!