Latest Updates: 5/13/2024


Congratulations to our season division champions!

Masters - Camdynn Burns

    Camdynn competed in 7 tournaments, won twice, and earned the Bowlers Excellence Award by completing 3 clean games at Stop 2.  


Classic - Dylan Ragland

    Dylan competed in 6 tournaments and won once. 


Minors - Tristan Peacock

    Tristan competed in 5 tournaments and won once.  We look forward to his accomplishments next season as a Classic bowler.


Bowlers Excellence Award - Bowlers are rewarded for demonstrating hard work in developing a solid bowling game.  SSJBA promoted spare-conversion and a fundamental skill necessary for on-lane success.  This program rewards bowlers in 3 ways.  The first is each clean game earns the bowler a unique decal; the second is if the bowler can complete 3 clean games during the 5 games of qualifying, the bowler will be awarded a $100 scholarship; and finally, at the end of the season, the top 3 bowlers with the most clean games will earn scholarships.  We have an eagle-topped perpetual trophy that bowlers can have thier names added to by 2 ways.  Shoot 3 clean during qualifying and heve the most clean games at the end of the season.

    This season, the most clean was completed by TJ Yarnell who did this by shooting 3 clean at Stop 9, our final regular season tournament.  TJ and Camdynn Burns added thier names to the trophy being the second and third to do so since the trophy inception 5 years ago.  Great job!


    We are headed towards the end of season.  Reminder that in order for a bowler to be elligibe for our end of season torunamnet, they must have participated in 4 regular season tournaments.  I will be sending out the invitation to the qualified bowlers to get thier attendance intensions soon. 


Changes for next season.

  • Tournament fee is $80          $70
    • $25 - Lineage                $25  
    • $20 - Scholarship          $28
    • $27 - Jr Gold 1:7           $40 Optional 1:5
    • $5   - Super Bowl Fund  $8
    • $3   - Admin                 $9

We are looking at changes to the Stop centers to include more northern Stops.


  • Our 45th season!!!
  • SSJBA is once again adapting.  We are going to see many changes  starting in the new season.
  • For now, we will move to 10 reglar season tournaments and a Super Bowl.
  • The season will start Augustand will be on the second Saturday of the month.
  • We will offer Junior Gold as an otion with a neccessary minimum 5 participants.
  • Stay tuned for more exciting changes!
  • A must read, The Creation of SSBA can be found under the About folder.
  • I hope to get some insight from other bowlers and directors on our history.  
  • REMINDER: The best way to contact me (Ed Bakle) is call or text (850) 582-4877.  Email edbakle@outlook.com is good but Facebook messanger for some reason, is a challenge and should be avoided.


We thank everyone for their support and particpation!


SSJBA has been utilizing the USBC SMART program since 2016 and has contributed to more than $132,000 in scholarships!  


Did you know?  SSJBA has changed formats several times but the progam started in Arkansas more that 40 years ago.