Latest Updates:

  • It is with great sadness and a heavy heart to say we have lost a great SSJBA supporter, father, and friend.  Our condolences go out to the the family of Brian Dufour.  His charm and smile will be missed.
  • Stop 7 is uploaded.
  • CONGRATULATIONS Adam Adkins.  He is the first to answer the challenge for 3 consecutive clean games in qualifying!  That's $100 scholarship and his name on the perpetual trophy!  Who is next?
  • Stop 11 is cancelled.  I could not secure a venue in time and with the busy schedule for the rest of the season, I do not plan to make it up.  Bowlers will still need a minimum of 6 Stops to be elligible for the Super Bowl in June.
  • Starting with Stop 7 make-up, the 10 tournament rule is in effect.  This means a bowler that has 6 or more tournaments for the season in, will not be forced to move up divisions due to performance.  They will be moved for next season.
  • SSJBA is modifying its structure a bit.  I want to establish redundancies to ensure the program continues into the future.
  • REMINDER: The best way to contact me (Ed Bakle) is call or text (850) 582-4877.  email edbakle@hotmail.com is good and Facebook for some reason is a challenge.
  • I am STILL looking for 2 candidates that are willing to manage some of the Stops; one from the north and one from the south.  For now, I will still do everything.  I hope to have a 2-year training process.  I have no plans to quit, this is in case of a catestrophic illness or acident or whatever.  I can discuss the priorities and such with you if interested.
  • 2019-20 Rules have been uploaded


  • Sponsors:
  • We are again blessed with a $5,000 anonymous donation to be used to augment the operations of SSJBA which means more scholarships!
  • CnC Mobile Repair has decided to sponsor all 3 division champions' scholarships of $150 each.
  • Watch this space for a new sponsor coming soon!

We thank everyone for thier support and particpation!